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 It’s not only a ring … it’s a smart one …


Lock and unlock your Smartphone!

To unlock your smartphone or tablet, slide your hand on the back of the unit, there is no easier.

Information sharing

You can use your NFC ring to share you photos, links, contact information, WIFI data or anything you’d want to share with who you want

Lock and unlock your door

You will be able to use your ring in order to open the door of your home!  Just swap your NFC finger, and your ring can interact with the NFC lock.


NFC rings are water resistant, they have been tested up to a depth of 50 meters.

No charging required

The ring never needs to be recharged!

Mobile App





Plan a task with your NFC ring

Thanks to the mobile app ( included with the product ), you will be able, with the ring, to use your smartphone as you want to set a task, start an application, Turn on and off the WiFi, the sound, vibrate mode and more… .



Germanium is a kind of rare metal and one of the ring’s componentand, its content is only about 0.0007% in the earth’s crust.
It has superbly high health care efficacy, can improve the modern people’s comprehensive symptoms caused by the lack of exercise, working pressure and air pollution.


Some testimonials

Charmed by NFC ring, they put it on their fingers .

  • I’m a woman and trust me : I’m proud of it.  If that can help a other customer I’ll say that the ring is 100% reliable.  even if it has a low capacity, it’s still quite good.

    Manuel J
    Manuel J
  • I am a CEO and I use my smartphone allthe time. as an Android fan, I was waiting the NFC ring for my Samsung. The ring makes my life easier.

    Anis Haddad
    Anis Haddad
  • Finally after a long wait I got it yesterday morning.  It doesn’t took me much time to see that the ring is working quite fine and very useful. Moreover, the price is really appreciable.

    Baronch Nicolas
    Baronch Nicolas
  • Really fast delivery, less than 2 weeks to Montenegro. Looks good, my phone recognized it, but didn’t try other functions, because it’s a gift. Recommend product and seller. Thanks!

    Williams Thoma

    Williams Thoma

    Williams Thomas
  • думал заменят пластик на более стойкий матерьял, как и предыдущие версии кольца пластик быстро теряет вид,царапаеться и желтеет. как и предыдущие версии кольца пластик быстро теряет и желтеет.

    Абакумов Александр

    Абакумов Александр

    Абакумов Александр
  • Excellent product! fast delivery! highly recommended.

    Walker white

    Walker white

    Walker white
  • Клевое кольцо! Отлично работает!

    Даньшов Альберт

    Даньшов Альберт

    Даньшов Альберт


What is the NFC ?

You may wonder what is the limit between the virtual world and reality where technology is everywhere.  The NFC technology, or Near Field Communication links the both dimensions.

More precisely, it’s a wireless data transfer system that detects the nearest devices, easily, quickly and more importantly, without an internet connection.

Is it possible to make an exchange if size does not fit?

Yes it is possible, as long as you want.

What does the NFC Ring ?

Really neat and discreet, the NFC ring will allow you, thanks to its new technology, to access to new possibilites in a snap ( or rather pressing a button ).

With what kind of smartphone does the ring work ?

The NFC ring works with all kind of Smartphones with the NFC functionality.  Compatible Smartphones

Has my smartphone to be rooted ?

No, all the apps can be downloaded normally and for free from the Google Play Store.

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